...is a grass roots campaign started by a Semper Fidelis Detachment Marine Corp League in Wenonah, NJ, to aid United States Military Service members serving overseas and at home. 

Calling cards have been collected since February 2003 when the Iraqi Freedom War began.

Bill McGinnis, ( father of Marine Sergeant Brian McGinnis, killed in Iraq on March 30, 2003, after his helicopter crashed.)  joined forces with the Marine Corp League, in June 2003, who recognized a need for servicemen to call home.

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He never received a telephone call from his son and wanted to give other parents their chance to speak with their children in any United States service throughout the world.

Through his efforts, he has been able to bring media attention to this campaign and now tens of thousands of cards have been donated overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, veterans hospitals, and reserve units stationed across the United States.

Why do we need calling cards?

Service people are having a difficult time making contact with their families.  Letters are nice to send and receive, but nothing could ever match hearing the voice of a loved one.( Bill McGinnis) 


How can I send one?

The Operation Call Home campaign has now been enhanced by the introduction of a special calling card.

This card, dedicated specifically to this campaign, will enable people who buy it to automatically donate 45% of the money which will then be used to purchase other calling cards for United States Military.

If you buy a $10.00 card for 100 minutes, you will get 100 minutes to use. PPG will donate, because of your purchase, $4.50  to purchase calling cards for our troops, home and abroad to "CALL HOME." 

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 If you buy a $5.00 card for 50 minutes, you will get 50 minutes to use.  PPG will donate, because of your purchase, $2.25 to purchase calling cards for our troops, home and abroad to "CALL HOME."


How can I help sell these cards?

Ask the stores you frequent if they carry them, if they would carry them,  and how they can contact us, via the Web site.

How else can I help sell these cards?

They can be used as fund raisers for school systems, boy scouts, girl scouts, churches, and sports organizations.  This is a great way for them to raise funds for their organizations while supporting our troops.

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